Pregnancy Massage at Pear Tree Therapies

The treatment is ideal for:

  • Releasing endorphins (the happy hormone) aiding relaxation, sense of calm, creating the ability to sleep better.

  • It is also a great way to release that extra muscle tension causing aches and pains.

  • Reduction of swelling

  • Reduction of stress on joints

  • Improvement of skin

Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes £50.00

Due to the body changes within the joints and ligaments massages are much lighter than a normal holistic massage. Deep tissue massages are also not recommended.


High Risk Pregnancies

For obvious reasons pregnancy massages can only be carried out if the pregnancy is classed as a normal pregnancy, unfortunately if you are a high risk pregnancy you are unable to have a massage. 


High risk pregnancies which are unable to receive a massage:

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting

  • Threatened miscarriage

  • Early labour

  • Placental dysfunction

  • Pre-Eclampsia

  • Diabetes

If you are a low risk pregnancy, you will need to inform your midwife before your massage.


Side lying massage

It is not safe for a pregnant lady to lie on their tummies during a massage treatment. For this reason a client is asked to lay onto their left side, cushions are used to prop up the client as well as to support the bump.

From this position I will be able to massage the back without causing any issues to the baby. It is extremely comfortable for you and your bump aiding complete relaxation.



The other position which is suitable for pregnancy massage is the seated position, the client leans onto some cushions which are on the couch. This is very comfortable for ladies in all stages of their pregnancy.


Laying on your back

For a full body massage once we have massaged your back we change your position so that you are laid onto your back. From here I am able to give you a highly relaxing full body massage which includes your face, neck, shoulders, back of your legs and feet.