Pear Tree Therapies in Covid-19 PPE

What to Expect 


Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being patient during these

uncertain times.

Please DO NOT enter or come for a treatment if you have any Covid-19 symptoms:

• High temperature
• Cough
• Loss of taste or smell
• Had contact with anyone with Covid or has been told to isolate
• Been on ANY foreign holiday in the last 14 days (this is even if you do not have to isolate)

Treatment Room 

As you can imagine there has been lots of new government guidelines for therapists to meet, so during the first lockdown the whole clinic has had a complete refurbishment! There are new pieces of furniture, new clinic flooring and everywhere has been repainted...... I could do with a massage!! 

Online Consultation  

The whole business is now completely digital! We are no longer allowed to use paper consultation forms and treatment notes. When you book your next appointment, every client will need to do a new consultation form and also a pre-screening Covid-19 form. The forms are sent via a link on your booking conformation and reminders. 

Forms can no longer be filled in at the clinic as we have to reduce the amount of 1-1 time. Consultations will still be done within the clinic. 

Covid-19 Pre-screening Forms

This form is sent out via a link in your confirmation email and reminders. This form is a MANATORY requirement from the government, without this form I am unable to treat you. Every follow up appointment will also require a new Covid-19 Prescreening Form filled in.


If you have had any vaccinations please wait a minimum of 48 hours before having any treatment and you must be free of any symptoms.


From the 24th September 2020 anyone who enters the clinic will see the option to scan the NHS QR code.

Clients and visitors are not obliged to use the NHS QR code, but the more people who support the official NHS system, the better those in your local community will be protected.

Treatment time 

Due to the new regulations, such as Test and Trace, the time within the clinic is currently limited. I am currently unable to provide 90-minute treatments, all treatments now need to be completed within the hour.  


I will be wearing a visor/goggles and mask during your treatment. Even though the law has changed from the 19th July 2021 regarding the wearing of face masks it is still mandatory for you to wear a mask as soon as you arrive at the clinic. This is due to my business being classed as a "Close Contact Service".  You do not need to wear the mask when you are lying on your stomach (you do need to breathe after all!) But the mask must be worn at all other times. I can provide a non-reusable mask at a small cost of 50p per mask.

Water and hairbands 

Please bring your own water to your appointment as I am currently not allowed to supply you with a drink during or after your appointment. Please also supply your own hairbands.  

Sanitising between clients 

There will be a 30-minute gap between each client to ensure that everything within the clinic has been disinfected, ventilated and dried for your appointment. Please can I therefore ask that you do not turn up early to your appointments as I will not be able to let you in. 

Hand washing 

Please can all clients sanitise their hands when entering and leaving the clinic. 


Currently I am unable to offer:

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Indian head massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • 90 minute treatments​


I am sorry that we all have to have abide by such big changes within the clinic but hopefully you all feel reassured that I am trying to provide a safe environment for us all. Eventually most of these new government policies will be less restrictive. I will do my utmost to keep providing the best quality treatments within the clinic. This is an evolving situation and I will keep up to date with the latest changes within the industry. 

We have now been through 3 lockdowns and many of you haven't received any form of massage, I am of the belief that a restricted massage will be better than no massage and will help ease your aches and pains.

Look forward to welcoming you all back to the clinic